January 16, 2023

NBS Interior Integration: One Company, Amazing Results

Ever walk into a space and think “wow”? Amazing spaces like that don’t just happen; it takes knowledgeable experts who understand the nuances of interior spaces and how people interact within them. Creating functional, inspiring, and productive spaces is a complex process. To make everything come together seamlessly, many different components and services need to be planned for, communicated, scheduled, and installed in an organized fashion. In essence, the architectural elements, furniture and technology tools are working together in harmony – or as we like to say, integrated.

When these three components are thoughtfully planned for early in the design process, good things happen. Fewer errors occur, efficiency improves, and stress goes down — because our team handles everything. Working with an interior integrator like NBS means you have one point of contact, resulting in streamlined communication, a cohesive design, and greater efficiency of resources. We have intentionally built our company and team to support all facets of the interior integration process. With interior construction and architectural products to floorcovering and furniture, from technology systems to even commercial cleaning, your investment continues to look its best, while supporting employee health and wellbeing.

Our cross-divisional team collaborates throughout the process. After uncovering your needs and goals, we put together a budget, timeline, and design plan to execute your unique vision. We partner and work alongside your team and outside contractors, vendors and architects as needed to bring the entire project to life.

The project process not only goes smoother when interior integration is planned for, but the end result is a better space that supports the business and people within it. What does an integrated space look like you may ask?

  • First, walls and ceiling components have been planned to accommodate adequate lighting, electrical and technology tools, in addition to space division and acoustics.
  • The floorcovering is selected to support wayfinding, comfort, durability, and appropriate materials based on the location and type of space.
  • Next comes the furniture, which is space planned to work alongside and within the architectural elements – power access, privacy levels, storage, comfort, circulation patterns and aesthetics.
  • The technology is selected to work with the architecture and furniture, not against it – wires are planned for accordingly, displays mounted at the correct height to work with the furniture and proper eye level, control boxes and controls are chosen to be intuitive and visible.

NBS Interior Integrator

In addition to our passion for creating amazing integrated interiors, we are passionate about creating the best client experience from beginning to end. Our commitment to improving the client experience and internal processes has led to our investment in project management software Procore, a popular construction management software. The platform streamlines communication, allowing NBS teams to manage and house all project information whether a project includes one or multiple divisions of our integrated solutions, while communicating seamlessly with the client and subcontractors.

Companies striving to improve their processes, attract the best people and nurture a dynamic culture have discovered that workplace design is a strategic tool. Creating environments that consider the space as a whole, not just one piece, maximizes the functionality of their real estate investment, converting it to a high-performance asset. When a building’s architecture, furniture and technology all work together seamlessly, better experiences and better work can take place.

Contact us today to learn more or get started creating your own integrated space.