November 9, 2020

Safer, Smarter & Faster with NBS

Not only have companies needed to adapt post the pandemic, but our workspaces need to as well. It’s time to create safe and compelling spaces that will drive people to choose the office over remote locations to work. Enhanced technology for virtual collaboration, spaces that encourage innovation and connection, areas for focus and concentration, these are all destinations that people will come to the office for.

Integrating architecture, furniture, and technology (AFT) is a cohesive workplace strategy to build a holistic and engaging work environment that will be resilient over time. Through our integrated approach, NBS is uniquely qualified to help plan, design and build safer, more effective workplaces for today’s world. Whether you are back in your space now, or not planning to return for some time, there are considerations to help you be proactive in your planning.



As experts working in occupied spaces, NBS can support small to large companies who are already back in the office or never left. Our in-house solutions range from construction, architectural products, floorcovering, furniture, technology, and commercial cleaning. Our diverse team can help retrofit, reconfigure, and improve your current space to accommodate the new needs of people and safety standards.

Adding architectural products like pods and demountable walls can support the increase in virtual collaboration needs, focus spaces and demand for additional separation between others. Upgrading the technology in existing meeting spaces will allow your employees to connect seamlessly and easily to remote participants and enhance the meeting experience. Web-cameras, soundbars, interactive displays and virtual collaboration software upgrades are all ways to improve current conference rooms that may only contain a table, chairs, and whiteboard. Existing workstations may only need minor adjustments in orientation or boundary screen additions to support physical distancing. With proactive decontamination cleaning, the air and surfaces of your space can be treated to help reduce risk and the spread of pathogens between people.

Our team does it all with safety in mind; wearing protective coverings, adhering to strict safety protocols, daily health screenings, etc. Working with a single company means less exposure in your building and fewer points of contact allows us to streamline communication and limit risks. NBS can provide the space planning, design, and installation all within your budget, timeline and without disrupting ongoing business.



We understand many organizations are waiting to return to their spaces for a variety of reasons. But the time to start thinking about your return plan isn’t next year, it’s now. Starting to prepare your workspace today and even executing on key areas is a proactive measure, so when you get the green light to return, you have an action plan in motion.

Our team can work in occupied spaces, but we can work even better in un-occupied spaces. With many workspaces empty or low occupancy, now is the time to retrofit, construct and outfit resilient spaces to be ready for the possible influx of returning personnel in 2022.

Now is the time to create an integrated workplace that will become a sought-after destination for workers. Our team is busy quoting and executing projects for companies across all industries and sizes. It’s good to keep in mind that the average sized AFT project can take several months to plan from start to finish. Proactive companies with a vision and action plan today will be ready to open their doors when people return to their spaces, while others will be on the reactionary side.

We understand the challenges and concerns companies have coming back to the workplace. Working as a partner with our clients and industry peers, we have the experience and services to lead and execute your project safer, faster, and smarter. We are not returning to business as usual; we need to return to better. Better spaces, better connection, better experiences.