June 30, 2022

The Rocket Mortgage Classic: More than Just a Golf Tournament

By: Emily Niewolak, NBS Business Development

Many of us have heard of the PGA Tour, follow our favorite professional golfers, or maybe even enjoy golfing in our free time. If you are not familiar with the PGA Tour, it is the world’s premier membership organization for touring professional golfers. If you’re like me, you’ve only had the chance to follow along with the tour from your own home, watching it on TV. But this year, I got to experience it from a much different perspective.

In 2019, the PGA Tour officially made its way to the Detroit Golf Club, giving Michiganders the chance to watch professional golf in their own backyard.  This was the start of the Rocket Mortgage Classic, now occurring during the PGA Tour each year. As a Michigan native who enjoys golfing, this tournament has been on my list of things to attend since its debut.

This year, I finally had the chance to attend alongside industry peers and my teammates at NBS Commercial Interiors. Being in my first year on the Business Development team at NBS, I quickly discovered that this tournament is something we greatly support as a company. Each year, we provide a unique and exceptional hospitality experience for influencers and clients. When it comes to the Rocket Mortgage Classic, NBS truly goes all out!

On the first day of the tournament, called the Pro-Am, I had a great time with my co-workers as we cheered on two of our NBS team members who had the opportunity to participate in the tournament. We were so excited to support the Rocket Mortgage Giving Fund! Our very own Dave Rastigue and Rich Schwabauer represented NBS as they played alongside professionals – how cool! My Rocket Mortgage Classic journey continued as I spent the following four days at offsite hospitality in a beautiful home, located on the 11th hole, enjoying each afternoon on the course.

NBS Rocket Mortgage

In addition to experiencing a fun and unique way to meet and connect with people, I also learned why the Rocket Mortgage Classic is so valuable to the city of Detroit. Rocket Mortgage is an amazing asset to Detroit, as the company has provided many jobs, opportunities, and community advancement. Organizing the Rocket Mortgage Classic is just one of the many ways they succeed in helping our communities grow.

A huge focus throughout the tournament was AREA 313, a strategic donation plan based on the performance of the golfers. This included holes 14, 15, and 16, nicknamed “AREA 313” in honor of Detroit’s area code. The golfers competed to make an eagle, ace or birdie (3-1-3) on these holes. The first golfer to achieve this won $313,000 in their name toward Rocket Mortgage Classic charities. Rocket Mortgage also donated money directly to Changing the Course in the name of the golfers who reached this goal.

Changing the Course is Rocket Mortgage Classic’s signature philanthropic initiative, addressing Detroit’s longstanding digital divide. This initiative works toward ensuring every Detroit resident has access to the digital world and the opportunities it brings by providing them with technology, internet, and literacy training. In addition to the generous donations to Changing the Course, the Rocket Mortgage Classic also helps make a difference in the Detroit community through its Birdies for Charity Program. The Ted Lindsey Foundation and the Community Foundation are two examples of a number of charities that benefited from this tournament and that we hold close to our hearts at NBS.

Throughout my experience at the Rocket Mortgage Classic, I realized that this tournament is about more than just golf. Many Detroit residents lack access to digital resources, so it is inspiring to see Rocket Mortgage dedicating their time and money to make a real difference in the community. I can truly say it was such a memorable experience to attend this fun-packed golf tournament and see the impact that it is making on the people in Detroit. I look forward to seeing you again next year, RMC!