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June 24, 2019

Top Three Industry Trends at NeoCon 2019

Shared by Michael Naert, Workplace Associate


1. Solving for lack of privacy and noise distraction 

NeoCon featured a wide array of different and innovative products to shape how we work in the office.  With offices becoming more open and more collaborative, finding space to complete heads down work and avoid distractions has become an issue that needs to be addressed in today’s market. A major theme for 2019 was the addition of privacy screens and pods that ranged from individual heads down workspaces, to large freestanding pods to accommodate meetings as well as technology.

The Steelcase Orangebox Air3 pods allow for individuals or groups to collaborate and focus without having to construct permanent enclaves or meeting spaces. With ease of use in mind, these freestanding pods can be reconfigured when needed and installed in less than a day.

For individual’s focus needs, the stand alone Snapcab works great in a wide array of industries. For example, in the healthcare market, these pods can be used with integrated technology for remote clinician and patient video conferencing.

Also on display to address acoustic privacy was NeoCon Gold winner LeanTo by OFS.  Designed to feel like it was built into your space, this modular solution offers a semi-private shelter to work solo or in a pair.

2. “Resimercial” Spaces

The combination of residential and commercial (Resimercial) spaces was featured everywhere at NeoCon 2019. Instead of feeling like you are at a traditional office, manufacturers displayed furnishings for people to feel comfortable and enjoy where they work. The same feelings we get when we are home.

Manufacturers like West Elm Work, showcased a mixture of soft seating, accessories and occasional tables. These combinations make the workspace feel more like a residential space. Being comfortable with your surroundings allows you to be more innovative, and what better place than the comfort of your home.

3. Biophilic Inspiration

Studies have shown that nature-influenced design helps boost productivity, reduces stress and improves overall mood. In order to offset the stressors of the workplace, biophilia is becoming increasingly popular for the office. Products have ranged from live walls that can cover large areas, space dividers that allow the plant life to act as the boundary walls, and potted plants to add green to any space.

Sagegreenlife is a living green wall system that can be scaled for any size project. These self-contained, free-standing walls can also be movable and act as a space divider, while adding beautiful greenery to an otherwise ordinary workspace.