June 20, 2018

Top Trend at NeoCon Makes You Feel Like a Super Hero

Shared by David Overberg, NBS Director of Business Development


NeoCon 2018 was the year of the “Phone Booth”

In 1978, the world was introduced to Superman on the big screen. As we remember from the movie, and many variations of the original since, when Clark Kent needed to get ready for his other day job as a Super Hero, he entered into a phone booth. In the phone booth, he was able to focus and transform himself into a superhero to take on the next task at hand, which was usually saving the world.

At NeoCon, we saw everyone showing their version of the “phone booth” in many sizes, configurations and leveling degrees of privacy both visually and acoustically. So why are these important in today’s office landscape? As we create new inspiring spaces and connect people in the workspace, the landscape has changed to a more open environment. However, we need to give people a place to transform themselves as they need a place to focus away from the mainstream setting and into something more private. The “phone booth” allows for that to happen and by providing this place in the open office environment, the worker can get away and become a super hero to take on the next task.

Through our partnership with Steelcase and other strategic vendors, we can create and provide all types of “phone booths” for the open work environment. We can’t guarantee your employee will transform into Superman, but I am sure they will be thankful to have a private place to do Super Hero’s work.