NBS Commercial Interiors, Southeast Michigan’s largest,
full-service Steelcase dealership, invites you to join us for the

NBS Oktoberfest Open Haus 2014

2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

While you’re here, take a tour of our innovative, new space that integrates architecture, furniture and technology while creating a dynamic and cost-effective workplace.

For those who would like to know more about the “Power of Place”, we’ll be offering an informative seminar about “Wellbeing in the Workplace” presented by Katrina Hogan, WorkSpace Consultant, Steelcase.

We hope you can join us for an afternoon of Food, Beer, Entertainment and Fun!

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Wellbeing in the Workplace

Presented by: Katrina Hogan, WorkPlace Consultant, Steelcase

Designers – 0.1 CEU; Architects – 1 LU

As students of the workplace, at Steelcase we know place shapes behaviors and experiences. And yet the power of place is still often overlooked.

Through more than a decade of research projects, we’ve been intently investigating ways to leverage the workplace to achieve organizational goals. So, as workplace wellbeing has emerged as a business issue of growing importance, it’s been on our radar for several years. And the more we looked at and learned about it, the more we realized it was important to learn more.

So we completed a focused research project in 2013 to understand the growing importance and expanding dimensions of worker wellbeing. As we researched and dug deep, we reached new insights about the positive drivers of wellbeing and the power of the workplace for achieving it. We would like to share our latest findings, the output of a team of our WorkSpace Futures researchers in Europe, North America and Asia.


Katrina Hogan

WorkPlace Consultant

Katrina Hogan is a Workspace Consultant in the Targeted Solutions Group at Steelcase.   She received her BS in engineering from Michigan State University.   Started her career in the furniture industry as a product development engineer at a Zeeland, Michigan-based furniture company.   In 1990, Katrina joined Steelcase, where she is currently, and has held many positions as an engineer, marketing specialist, market manager and workspace consultant.  Her current responsibilities take her to customers throughout Ohio, Michigan, Pittsburgh and West Virginia, helping them to solve problems and find solutions to improve ergonomics and wellbeing in the workplace.