Café | Lounge

A Place to Relax or Recharge

The very nature of healthcare means that patients, family members and caregivers can all find themselves in fast-moving or stressful situations. Creating a space for diversion, to socialize, to relax or to get something to eat is one way to help manage the experience in a positive way.

We consider cafés, lounge areas or break rooms from an experiential point of view. Planning for its occupants, while considering how the space is used, and how traffic flows is important for creating a sense of calm and order. By incorporating various seating types, tables, and technology for media and connectivity, these spaces can work for a variety of activities, whether a quick break or a longer stay.


 Make the café or lounge a destination, a meeting place between waiting areas and the clinical staff area.

 Bring in natural light and elements of nature. Link it to an outside garden where possible.

 Incorporate a variety of seating and posture options to accommodate short- and long-term needs.