Huddle Rooms | Small Rooms

Small Spaces. Big Benefits.

Companies often focus on designing one large conference room loaded with the latest technology. Today, the collaboration trend has shifted towards the creation of multiple small huddle rooms. Huddle rooms are small meeting spaces for 2-6 people that can be equipped with audio, video and/or display system technology. These rooms are coveted by small groups who want to sit side by side and collaborate with ease. The ease of use, relatively low cost, and ability to drive more focused work are all reasons why technology huddle rooms are the future of collaboration.

Huddle Room with a Shared Screen

Intimate, Effective and Economical

Huddle Rooms are a budget-friendly option since equipping four huddle rooms typically costs less than outfitting one large conference room, and yet they offer just as much, if not more, productivity potential.

Many remote workers prefer huddle rooms when it comes to video conferencing and content sharing because of their intimate feel. Not only do people feel more inclusive of the group but it keeps people more attentive and on task.

Huddle Room for Five People

Huddle Room AV Features

  • Video, Web and/or Audio Conferencing
  • LCD, LED or TV Display – preferably mounted to the wall
  • Table touch-screen control box
  • A central table with integrated power and cable access for people to sit or stand around