November 5, 2021

5 Interactive Technologies That Should be in Every Meeting Room

This article was originally published by T1V, and has been modified for our NBS blog.

These days, it’s all about staying ahead of the trends when it comes to hybrid technology – which all comes down to innovation and collaboration. No matter where you’re working from, it’s essential to have the capability to collaborate with coworkers, both working in the office and remotely.

The standard conference room has transformed into a multitude of flexible meeting rooms – from focus rooms, to flexible collaboration spaces, to innovation labs and more…meaning the decisions you make around interactive technology have never been more crucial.

Below are five key interactive technologies that can help engage hybrid employees and keep the ideas flowing for highly effective meetings.

1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)-friendly Wireless Device Sharing
Keep meetings engaging by enabling employees to quickly and easily share content with each other from any device, from any network in the world. Technology that supports multiple devices sharing at once allows for full team participation. Rather than a simple string of individual presenters, this results in more ideation and participation, meaning more collaboration.

2. Interactive Presentation Tools
Keep hybrid teams engaged in meetings with multiuser technology that encourages all members to actively participate. Touchscreens are a must-have – and combined with visual collaboration software with advanced content sharing on a touchscreen, you can visualize all types of workflows during a meeting – to analyze data, review and compare documents side by side, and give real-time feedback.

3. Digital Whiteboarding
Enhance brainstorming sessions with all the tools of a traditional whiteboard in a digital environment. With visual collaboration software, teams can create new content, such as notes and sketches – all with applications integrated into your core meeting room solutions. Additionally, you no longer have to worry about physical sticky notes getting erased or going missing.

4. Virtual Meeting Technology
Save time and cut travel costs by holding virtual meetings with advanced video conferencing solutions combined with visual collaboration. We’ve become accustomed to video conferencing meetings over the past year and a half – which are great for remote-equal collaboration and reduced travel costs. Make sure your solutions allow for easy video conferencing integrations with visual collaboration, so you can connect with people face-to-face and avoid Zoom fatigue.

5. Meeting Persistence
Make sure your meeting technology has the option to store, share, and email the content of your meeting to streamline key information. Be intentional in requiring that your collaboration sessions can be saved and resumed, so teams pick back up where they left off at any given time.

With the rise of a mobile workforce and hybrid work, implementing interactive technology like visual collaboration software in all types of meeting rooms is vital, so that we can all work together – no matter where we’re working from.

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