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NBS Kirco Webasto T1V Displays

March 21, 2022


An Image Upgrade for an Automotive Leader Webasto is a growing innovation leader providing systems solutions to major automakers in the U.S. and globally. A new headquarters location provided the opportunity to optimize their space for growth and flexibility and upgrade their image for visiting clients.   With more than 300 employees at the site, […]

NBS Rhoads & Johnson Mezzanine

February 1, 2022

Rhoads & Johnson

An Edgy Industrial Space for a Collaborative Office Culture When Rhoads & Johnson faced the end of their lease term in 2020, they had a decision to make: continue to lease, or buy land and build? Owner, Kevin Johnson decided to take the opportunity to create a fun, engaging space that showcased their construction talent […]

NBS Wayne State University

November 9, 2021

Wayne State University

NBS partnered with NORR to provide dynamic furnishings and drive positive changes in culture across students and STEM departments at Wayne State University.