February 24, 2020

5 Reasons to Update The Firmware on Your Barco ClickShare

To keep your Barco ClickShare unit as powerful, efficient and user-friendly as possible, software updates are often necessary. Upgrading to the latest firmware ensures your ClickShare unit remains secure and compatible with the latest devices and technology. Barco ClickShare products are designed with security, privacy and confidentiality in mind, and with every quarterly software release, new features and fixes are added to the product range. Our NBS Audiovisual Solutions team can perform the necessary updates for ClickShare units in just a few hours. Our AV Specialists will walk you through any new features and answer application questions.


Here are the top 5 reasons you should update your ClickShare to the latest firmware:

  1. Be compatible with the latest OS’s to support e.g. Airplay updates.
  2. Combat the latest security threats with ease. When bugs or vulnerabilities are detected, Barco updates open source components.
  3. Get rid of bugs and known issues.
  4. Access the latest Functionality additions and features.
  5. Get all necessary Wi-Fi Driver updates. This ensures better connectivity and Wi-Fi stability.


Contact NBS Audiovisual Solutions today at (248) 823-5414 for a free estimate and to schedule your ClickShare firmware update.