April 28, 2016

A Reason to Clean

Spring Cleaning Solutions

Spring is in the air, and winter is probably still on your windows. It’s unavoidable. The weather, parking lots, roads and traffic, even coworkers, can all contribute to the soot, smudges and smears that appear on most glass surfaces. Did you know that dirty glass can harbor germs and bacteria, especially in kitchens, break rooms, meeting rooms and lobbies? Spring’s a perfect time to clean the glass, both inside and out.

Exterior and Interior Glass Cleaning

At NBS, we use the right tools and mineral-free water that leaves a spot-free finish. In addition to glass, our commercial cleaning services include carpet and floor tile, upholstery and fabric, and hard surfaces too. So when it’s time for some spring cleaning, we can help you create a better-looking, healthier work environment.

To learn more about the full range of services from NBS Commercial Cleaning Solutions, call your NBS representative today or visit our commercial cleaning services page here.