February 8, 2022

A Year of Being Inspired & Celebrating Our Passions

While the past couple of years have been difficult for most of us, we all have something that has kept us going each and every day. Despite all the struggles we’ve faced, we had time to figure out what we love doing, pick up new hobbies, realize who means the most to us, and establish new personal and professional goals.

We’ve learned that no matter what life throws at us, we need to stay passionate, motivated, and driven, and keep moving forward. And what word do you think of when you hear this type of mentality? Well for us, “inspired” pops into mind, so it’s only fitting that we have chosen to celebrate this as our theme for 2022.

This theme is especially suitable for our team because each of us have unique interests and talents and bring something special to the table. While we already know what our teammates can contribute and accomplish at work, this theme gives us the opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal level and learn about what is truly important to us outside of the office.

What motivates us to get up every morning and accomplish our goals? Who inspires us to be our best selves? What do we love to do? What are we passionate about? What brings us true happiness?

Some of us would say boating, hiking, or going to the gym. Some of us have a passion for photography, reading, cooking, or making music. Some like to play sports and others like to cheer on their favorite athletes from the stands. Some love to travel, some enjoy quality time with their family, and some like to volunteer.

Whether it’s an activity, quote, place, or person, we can all think of a thing or two that inspires us. We are so excited to celebrate our Inspired theme this year and get to know our team members on a deeper level.

Ways we will celebrate our Inspired theme in 2022:
• Sharing our team members’ cell phone lock screen photos (inspiration we look at every day!)
• Putting together a video of our team members sharing who inspires them at NBS
• Supporting inspirational organizations with time and monetary donations
• Sharing our team members’ favorite inspiring quotes or song lyrics
• Celebrating inspiring work and products in our industry

We can’t wait to share our interests with each other and grow even closer to the people we surround ourselves with every single day. Follow us on our social media channels to see and learn about what inspires us throughout the year. Here’s to being inspired!