October 14, 2021

Cool Products for the Hybrid Workplace at NeoCon 2021

NeoCon never fails to excite us about the latest workplace trends, and it certainly did not disappoint this year. As we walked through the beautiful showrooms and explored some of the coolest new products, we noticed a popular theme…hybrid work! We all know how challenging hybrid work environments can be, but there’s no better time than now to rethink and redefine your company culture by creating a workspace that promotes control, flexibility, and employee wellbeing. Yes, productivity is key, but how can your team be productive if they feel disconnected from their team, organization, or even their specific role?

Here are a few products we saw at NeoCon that can help transform your challenging hybrid work landscape into an environment that is productive, efficient, and comfortable.

NBS BuzziSpaceFirst, BuzziSpace’s BuzziMood acoustic panels are the perfect combination of functional and fun. With many employees working outside of the office, people in the office are taking phone calls and participating in virtual meetings more than ever before, increasing the need for acoustical elements in the workplace. These eye-catching acoustic panels include moss and upholstered pads to eliminate excessive noise, echo, and reverberation, while also serving as a natural air humidity indicator. And just when you think these panels can’t get any cooler, they are guaranteed to revamp your space by adding a touch of nature and uniqueness to your typical blank wall.


NBS Poppin SpacesLet’s be real, who doesn’t love a little bit of privacy? PoppinSpaces by Poppin is ideal for workers with unassigned workstations, who are looking for a space to sit down and focus. PoppinSpaces is a system of modular walls that provides your team with the flexibility they need to get work done, making it a great addition to your open-plan office. With its open, semi-private, or private layout options, there’s no doubt that this pod will fit your team’s workstyles, meeting needs, and office layout.


NBS Steelcase EclipseIt’s no secret that many of us do a quick check through our webcam before hopping on a virtual meeting to make sure we look okay. The Eclipse Light by Steelcase makes it easy for your team to look and feel their best while meeting on video, whether they’re working from home or in the office. It helps to eliminate shadows, while also reducing eye strain, making you feel more energized and confident throughout the day. This stylish new light has you covered as you jump back and forth between desk work and virtual meetings, easily converting from a task light to a ring light. While the light and mirror features brighten up your space and illuminate your face, the kickstand feature supports your mobile device.


NBS Watson C9 StorageLastly, C9 Storage by Watson offers a flexible place for mobile workers to store their belongings when they’re in the office. This C9 Trolley conveniently fits under your desk or can be rolled out into the open, easily adapting to your space as individual and workplace needs evolve. Its unique work tray adjusts to align with your desk surface, allowing you to set your items down, without taking over your desk space. We could all use that!





NBS applies the latest research on workplace design and uses products like these to create more flexible and inspiring spaces for our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can help you improve your hybrid work environment!