January 12, 2015

Finally, Some Good News About Education

New Grant Program Supports an Innovative Model for Classroom Success

Are you an educator or know someone who is? Here’s a fantastic opportunity: Steelcase Education is awarding grants up to $50,000 to create active learning centers.

For generations classrooms were crowded rows of immobile desks facing a chalkboard. Students were expected to absorb knowledge passively. Now that model is being turned on its head. In fact, a cramped, static environment is a barrier to success in an active learning model, so a fundamental rethinking of classroom real estate is underway. Active learning spaces energize the teaching experience and enable students to become more engaged, more creative and better problem solvers.

To spur the growth of these high-performance classrooms, Steelcase has established the Active Learning Center Grant program. Grants will fund design, furniture, integrated technology, installation and post-occupancy evaluation. Applications will be accepted through February 27, 2015. For more information click here, or call your NBS representative.