October 25, 2016

Game Changing Upgrades for Steelcase’s Answer System

Multiple Options, Major Impact

When’s the last time you upgraded your workspace? If you’d like to give your current Answer Panel System a functional boost, and at the same time make your office a more interesting place to work, than check out these three brilliant ideas.

Back Painted Glass Skins are beautiful and beneficial. They easily replace old skins with a vibrant, dry-erasable writing surface. A wide palette of colors can help express your brand, reinvigorate a space, and strike a few bold notes.

Panel Feet create freestanding walls from your Answer Panels. Now your floor space becomes more flexible, and open plans are more easily divided or reorganized with movable tables and panel components.

Boundary Screens provide a simple, solid solution when more division or visual privacy is needed. A range of laminates and veneers deliver a pleasing materiality while their modular sizing makes for easy installation.

To learn more about enhancing your current Answer System contact your NBS Representative today. For planning ideas and thought starters visit