June 25, 2018

Interior Design Trends At NeoCon

Shared by Senior Interior Designer, Jillian Kennedy


Design trends included very little workstations with “ancillary” being the new “primary.” It’s all about the collaborative spaces, lounge furniture, cross over spaces, and phone booths or quiet rooms.

Color trends were sort of mixed this year. A lot of showrooms did neutrals like black and white, while others (like Steelcase) did an eclectic mix of bold and pastel colors. I noticed most showrooms were using primarily solid fabrics and more texture, versus using bold patterned fabrics. Many showrooms are no longer using white as their backdrop or on their walls, but more charcoal or grey painted walls. Almost all of the showrooms had lots of fun accessories that really show the personality and flexibility of crossing work with home.

Products that inspired me….  I was very inspired by the apps that some manufacturers have created, to help enhance the customer experience, or apps that work along with the furniture products. Also, the accessories in the showrooms always inspire me. Whether its art work, the plants, knick-knacks, or lighting. The showrooms always represent what is on trend (in all of the design world). Also, the fashion, and what people are wearing at NEOCON always inspires me! I LOVE seeing the eclectic fashion walking through!