NBS Blog: Color

June 25, 2018

Interior Design Trends At NeoCon

Design trends at NeoCon included very little workstations with “ancillary” being the new “primary.” It’s all about the collaborative spaces, lounge furniture, cross over spaces, and phone booths or quiet rooms. Color trends were sort of mixed this year.

June 9, 2016

Steelcase: It’s In Our Blood

You might think that the above photo was completely staged. You might even think that it took a lot of planning and coordination, but the truth is actually much simpler.

February 23, 2015

Color as a Workplace Strategy

Which color do you think is most likely to stimulate imagination and brainstorming? Which ones are best at supporting detail-oriented thinking? Or which color is most likely to induce relaxation? Research has shown a room’s color can have a profound effect on its occupants.