March 19, 2015

Look a Little Closer

A Clean Workplace Can Pay Off in Unexpected Ways

Attracting top talent. Keeping staff engaged. Maintaining a healthy environment. These are all business challenges impacted by the cleanliness of your space. Factor in a brutal winter, and it’s probably time for a good spring cleaning.

Take a look around. Floors take a beating from the snow, slush and salt. Tile and grout looks grungy. Dirt trapped in carpet fibers causes excessive wear. Worse yet, it can harbor mold and germs that affect wellbeing. Upholstered seating is another magnet for dirt and germs. And don’t forget the glass. Weather, traffic and people all contribute to the grime and gunk on your glass, inside and out.

We have the solutions. At NBS, we only clean commercial interiors — not residential — with specialized equipment and techniques. We’ll help you create a better-looking, healthier environment. To learn more about our advanced commercial cleaning techniques, call your NBS Commercial Cleaning Specialist today or click here.