February 20, 2019

NBS Cares: 2019 Wellness Campaign

Wellbeing is a buzz word popping up all over workplaces. What does a focus on wellbeing do for employees and what kinds of activities are possible? NBS is exploring all aspects of wellness in 2019, from physical and mental wellbeing, to environmental, community and financial wellbeing. Our “NBS Cares” campaign aims to encourage team members to better themselves, even if it’s just a small first step in the right direction.

Mindfulness and wellbeing are sometimes hard to achieve as our lives increasingly become busier. This year we want to stop, take a breath and find ways to improve the lives of our team members both at work and at home. In addition to finding ways to improve the lives of those in our community and the environment around us.

Our Year-Long Focus on Wellness Includes:
• Financial planning seminars for team members
• Providing healthy snack options in our showrooms
• Physical challenge competitions between teams to promote healthy living
• Improved recycling programs and access in showrooms
• In office chair massages or meditation sessions
• Community service volunteering and charitable donations