April 19, 2017

NBS Pet Story: A Dog’s Choice

Losing a pet is losing a member of your family. Breanna Golda, one of our Troy designers, recently lost their family dog Diesel and she fondly remembers the day they brought him home almost 11 years ago.

“They day we got him [Diesel] we were originally going to get one of his brothers. The lady didn’t really want to give Diesel up because he was her favorite. When we arrived all the puppies were outside playing. As we pulled up to the driveway, Diesel came running right up to our car. The whole time we were there he just sat in my brother’s lap licking his face. The puppy we were going to get wanted nothing to do with us. So, when the lady saw how much Diesel liked us, she let us take him home with us! He was the best dog ever! I know everyone says that about their dog though.”

We sometimes take for granted the intelligence and empathy that animals can show. Choosing a family pet is just as much the pet’s decision as it is ours. We are so glad Diesel choose Breanna and her family and gave them unconditional love for 11 years.