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December 19, 2017

NBS Pets 2017 Comes to a Close

This year we dedicated time, resources and love to the animals in our lives and community. NBS Pets shared the love people have for their own pets and animals in need. Many of our team members participated in the yearlong celebration by bringing their pet to work, donating supplies, money or their time to animal organizations.

NBS Pets

July 21, 2017

NBS Pet Story: Pet Rooster

Ever thought about having a pet rooster? Maybe you should. Sara Edwards, a Troy designer lives on expansive land north of Metro Detroit, where she raised her pet rooster, Charlie.

NBS Pet Stories

June 1, 2017

NBS Pet Story: Puppy Mischief

Bringing home a new puppy is filled with excitement and challenges. No matter what troubles they bring, we still love our pets. They keep us on our toes, occasionally make a mess, but they always show us love.

NBS Pets

May 3, 2017

May is National Pet Month!

It’s a month-long celebration of the benefits that pets bring to people’s lives – and vice versa. In the spirit of National Pet Month, here are some ways you can support pets in need and do more for your own pet.

NBS Pet Story

April 19, 2017

NBS Pet Story: A Dog’s Choice

Losing a pet is losing a member of your family. Breanna Golda, one of our Troy designers, recently lost their family dog Diesel and she fondly remembers the day they brought him home almost 11 years ago.

February 13, 2017

NBS Unleashes our 2017 Pet Campaign!

After a long day at work, a pet is always there to greet you. They are our loyal companions, stress relievers and entertainers. This year we are dedicating time, resources and love to the animals in our lives and community.