June 1, 2017

NBS Pet Story: Puppy Mischief

Bringing home a new puppy is filled with excitement and challenges. Ever said to yourself “they will be fine if we leave for just an hour”… famous last words of a new puppy owner. Jennifer Vaillancourt, one of our Lansing interior designers, knows the puppy challenges first hand. Earlier this year, she brought home an Olde English bulldog puppy named Magnum. After returning from a night out they found their bathroom completely trashed, shredded and chewed. The door must not have been latched tight and he made his way in and had a good old time as you can see in the above photos!

You look at that sweet puppy face and think, how could something so small and cute cause this much trouble?! No matter what, we still love our pets. They keep us on our toes, occasionally make a mess, but they always show us love.