August 24, 2023

NBS Pre-Construction Services: Achieve Your Desired Space on Time and on Budget

When considering an upgrade or entire renovation of your space, meticulous planning and preparation are key to the project’s success. This is where our Construction Solutions team shines, offering comprehensive pre-construction services that allow for an efficient and seamless project process and execution. NBS is there from beginning until end, delivering your new space on time and on budget.

So, what is pre-construction? Pre-construction is a crucial phase in any project, encompassing a range of preliminary steps that occur before the actual construction or project begins. This includes in-depth conversations, collaboration, assessment and strategic planning to ensure the project will align with our clients’ goals, needs and expectations.

“In the very early stages of the project, our pre-construction team works with the client to understand objectives, develop a design vision, create a budget and determine a project schedule,” explained Nick Mighion, Director of Architectural and Pre-Construction Services at NBS. “Projects can be very complex in today’s industry and establishing your pre-construction team at the beginning is key to creating a foundation and starting the project out the right way.”

NBS Pre-Construction Process

At the beginning of a project, the main three questions many clients ask are:

  1. What will the space look like?
  2. How much will it cost?
  3. How long will it take?

Through the pre-construction phase of the project, our team answers these common questions and engineers a unique solution based on each clients’ needs. Thanks to our team’s experience and knowledge base, we can create detailed schedules and timelines, considering all critical steps and factors that may affect the project’s progress to better allocate resources and minimize delays. When the planning phase of a project goes smoothly, the execution typically follows suit, keeping everyone happy along the way.

If issues do happen to arise throughout any part of the process, there’s no need to worry. Our diverse team of architects, designers, estimators and project managers, work together to properly solve the situation at hand. We skillfully handle a range of matters, including constructability concerns, lead time issues, scheduling conflicts, or site and project restrictions. Early in the design process, we also leverage the knowledge and skills of our mechanical, electrical and plumbing strategic partners, incorporating their expert insights into the project.

To improve the experience for our clients, as well as our own team, we utilize the latest technology and software, such as Matterport and Revit, to help us work more efficiently in all facets of the pre-construction phase. Matterport helps document the space’s existing conditions and communicates proposed design ideas to clients so they can easily visualize the space and scope of work. With Matterport, we no longer need to conduct traditional walkthroughs and can easily communicate with subcontractors to get input and proposals turned around quicker, allowing the budgeting phase to go more smoothly. By utilizing Revit and building information modeling, we can plan the space in 3D, efficiently put together visuals, and create a digital copy of the building to better understand any building constraints and obstacles early on.

We offer pre-construction services for a variety of industries, including corporate, education and healthcare, and for projects of various sizes. For every project we take on, we put together a skilled team to best cater to the given opportunity and project needs.

If you are starting or thinking about a new construction project, we’d love to work with you and help you understand the design vision, project cost and schedule. Contact us today to learn how we can get started, prepare you for what’s to come, and ultimately, deliver a space that exceeds your expectations.