June 27, 2018

NBS Supports Gensler Detroit in Annual City Year Project

NBS jumped at the chance to support Gensler Detroit for the second year on their classroom renovation with City Year Detroit. The two organizations have been partnering for years to transform classrooms in lower income cities to provide students the opportunity to learn in inspiring and productive environments. They recently completed their latest project at Bethune Elementary – Middle School in Detroit.

NBS partnered with Gensler to provide a variety of furnishings for the classroom as well as labor to deliver Steelcase, Tenjam and Allermuir furniture.  The vibrant and cheerful room took its inspiration from a school supply every kid uses, a pencil.

“The concept is based around a traditional tool we often use to express ideas in our world: a pencil – a symbol for learning and a device with limitless potential. The beauty of using a pencil is the freedom to draw and write anything, make mistakes, and always know that the trusty pink eraser is there to help you start again. The new room is a space for students to learn and be inspired to reach their fullest potential every day.” – Laura Saler, Gensler Detroit

The project was completed with 100 percent donations of product, materials and design time. The result is a space where students and teachers can feel comfortable, confident and inspired in. NBS is proud to be a supporter of the Gensler Detroit and City Year Detroit projects!


Photography by: © Kate Saler | Gensler Detroit