June 19, 2017

NeoCon 2017: Steelcase Receives Top Honors

NeoCon is always buzzing with energy and excitement. This year was no different. Steelcase drew from their insights and new partnership with Microsoft to showcase how bringing place, people and technology together can fuel creativity. The creativity showed, Steelcase was awarded Best Large Showroom by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and Contract Magazine. The vibrant showroom highlighted Creative Spaces, a range of technology-enabled workspaces designed to foster creative thinking at work. These spaces connect people and technology to enhance innovation, whether in a group setting or brainstorming on your own. New finishes, materials and unique branding gave the showroom a more custom and authentic feel.

In addition to the main Steelcase showroom, the Steelcase family of brands received top praise and awards for their new innovative products.

Here are some of the new introductions to get excited about:

  • Umami Lounge System
    flexible and modular with a variety of seating, tables and screens to create unique spaces where people feel an emotional connection
  • Series 1—
    seating solution retains ergonomics, quality and choice while making it attainable for everyone
  • Elective Elements height-adjustable desk
    subtle movement from the desk prompts the user to sit or stand after a period of time
  • Surround Collection
    thoughtfully designed for the needs of family members to support and care for their loved one, relax comfortably and communicate effectively with clinicians
  • Verb Active Media Table—
    integrated media encourages collaboration, minimizes sight-line obstructions, and provides quick transitions between learning modes
  • IRYS
    freestanding, all-inclusive solution that makes it easy to add enclosed spaces to the open plan


For the full Steelcase NeoCon overview including new products and insights please visit To learn more about Steelcase’s award winning products visit the following pages.

Best of NeoCon Awards
Gold: Healthcare Guest/Lounge Seating, Steelcase Health: Surround
Silver: Education Solutions, Steelcase Education: Verb Active Media Table
Silver and Innovation, Designtex: Casper Cloaking Technology
Gold: Healthcare Fabrics & Textiles, Designtex: Biophilia Collection