June 22, 2023

NeoCon Trends 2023: Color, Comfort and Collaboration

NeoCon is the most popular event of the year for the commercial interior design industry, showcasing the latest and greatest from hundreds of leading furniture, textile and floorcovering manufacturers. This event never fails to “wow” us by exposing us to the most inspiring and innovative workplace solutions and trends. Our team was lucky enough to travel to Chicago again this year to experience it firsthand.

As we explored floors and floors of showrooms, we noticed quite a few trends and themes that were consistent. So, you may be wondering, what exactly is trending this year?


Neocon 2023 Steelcase Showroom

Soft Color Schemes

While we’ve noticed bright, vibrant colors at NeoCon in previous years, that color scheme was nowhere to be found this time around. Instead, palettes of neutrals and pastels were prevalent across most showrooms that we visited. From light pinks, blues, yellows, and oranges, to greys and light wood tones, it’s safe to say that soft colors are in! These colors were intended to resemble the comfort of home by creating a more inviting, residential feel, and we can attest that these spaces certainly achieved that cozy vibe.


Neocon 2023 Steelcase Showroom

Collaborative Spaces for Hybrid Work

We all know that hybrid work is here to stay, which means meeting spaces with integrated technology solutions also need to be available. NeoCon showcased a range of solutions for hybrid work and collaboration, including pods and focus rooms for one-on-one video calls, curved conference tables, locker storage, modular walls and acoustical products. While the product offerings varied from showroom to showroom, the one thing these vendors had in common was an emphasis on fostering connections – both with technology and with teammates.


Neocon 2023 JSI showroom

Lounge & Rejuvenation Spaces

When you envision the workplace, you may first think of desks and office chairs, or maybe a big conference room with a long table in the middle of it. However, the workplace needs to offer more than just workstations and meeting rooms – it needs to offer spaces where people can lounge, socialize or rejuvenate. With a huge focus on employee health and wellbeing this year, NeoCon showed us several great examples of spaces where people can get away from their desk and re-energize throughout the day. These in-between spaces, either private or out in the open, are seriously trending, and we are here for it!


Neocon 2023 Hightower Showroom

Organic & Curvy Shapes

There once was a time when furniture with sharp angles and harsh lines were the norm, but it’s time to say goodbye to this traditional style, and hello to fun, organic shapes. From chairs and lounge systems, to benches and tables, many manufacturers seem to be incorporating this curvy design into their furniture to allow for a more comfortable, natural feel. Plus, let’s be real, this design instantly adds a stylish aesthetic to any space.


Neocon 2023 Spacestor Showroom

Acoustics & Privacy

With the rise of virtual and hybrid meetings, along with the growing demand for privacy in the workplace, acoustical treatments and felt pieces for walls, ceilings, panel inserts and space dividers are more popular than ever, which was clearly demonstrated at NeoCon. Many vendors also emphasized the importance of adding privacy to the open plan with semi-enclosed furniture designs, featuring high-back lounge pieces or wrap-around screens.


Neocon 2023 KFI Studios


We’ve seen sustainability as a priority for some manufacturers in the past, but this year, it took center stage like never before. Vendors were excited to share their latest sustainability stories and show off their new environmentally friendly products, such as furniture that’s created from recycled plastic or processes that are aimed at reducing carbon emissions.


While we saw several common trends, each showroom had their own unique look and feel to tell their story and create an immersive experience. NeoCon was once again filled with energy and excitement as our industry moves forward to shape what the future of commercial environments will be like.

Explore our photo gallery to check out some of our NeoCon favorites and contact us to learn how we can work together to incorporate some of these cool trends into your own workplace.