March 30, 2016

New Video: Steelcase Education Helps North Canton City Schools Implement Active Learning

North Canton City Schools in northeast Ohio saw an opportunity to transform student learning through the district’s physical spaces. Working with Steelcase Education, the district has implemented active learning environments throughout their schools – on a quest to make learning more engaging and to ultimately improve student success.

From the video:

“There was a grant being offered by the State of Ohio. It was kind of unique and never had been done before. When the grant came along, it gave us a chance to engage in active learning. When we were doing our research, we discovered that Steelcase had done a lot of research as well. On every one of the grant questions, we addressed how we would create an active learning environment using technology, space and pedagogy. And I really think that helped us win the grant,” said Kim Nidy, Director of Instruction.

Visit the Steelcase YouTube channel for the full video story, featuring interviews with North Canton school administrators and teachers, plus clips of Node, Verb and other education products in action.