June 11, 2020

Purchasing Solutions to Support Working From Home

The coronavirus pandemic forced much of the workforce to work from home full time and it’s a new reality organizations are coming to terms with. Some of us were experienced and equipped to make this transition, but many of us were thrown into this new way of working without the proper office set up we were used to. Add in kids, pets, other home life distractions, and the challenges extend beyond the physical environment to a mental and emotional one as well.

Research and industry trends have shown us that working from home will not go away post COVID-19. Although maybe not five days a week, many organizations will put a work from home program in place to allow their employees to continue this practice.

Our goals working from home are the same as in the office. We want to be productive, feel inspired and supported. Yet still, most people are uncomfortable at home and don’t have the ergonomic support they enjoyed in the office. Every individual’s situation is different and supporting each employee’s working from home needs can be a challenge for organizations. Steelcase’s WorkSpace Futures group conducted a Work From Home Outcome Survey and found that:

  • Only 29% of employees have an ergonomic chair at home.
  • Only 50% always or almost always work at a desk.
  • Only 30% of respondents say it is extremely accurate they have a workspace at home that is comfortable.

Through our partnership with Steelcase, NBS can offer a home office shopping experience without a significant investment. There are two work from home purchasing platforms available to our clients to help them better support their people who will continue to work remotely. Whether you are looking for a full or curated catalog of products, we have a solution to meet your team’s needs.


1. Steelcase Store

The online Steelcase store is designed for the consumer experience. Just like shopping at your favorite online retailer, this user-friendly site allows individuals to browse through Steelcase’s catalog of home office friendly products at different price points.


  • Full store catalog or custom catalog of products – including partner brands
  • Purchases can be made by employee credit card or company card.
  • Steelcase delivery through FedEx or 3rd party


2. Steelcase Exchange

This customized e-business solution is designed to work directly with a client’s procurement system. The exchange platform offers more customization to meet a company’s specific needs, including branding and adding complementary products.


  • Custom catalog of products – including complementary products.
  • Purchases are integrated into corporate procurement system
  • NBS delivery and installation, FedEx or 3rd party install
  • Customized co-branded website interface

We can help make the future of working from home easier:

  • Single point of contact with customizable employee product offerings
  • Streamlined execution to make your life easier—from concept to completion
  • Easy ordering options that can be tailored to your company’s needs and manage costs
  • Quality product solutions with best-in-class ergonomics to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • In addition to required commercial products testing, Steelcase performs rigorous residential safety testing on their offered products to keep workers safe not only in the office, but at home too.


Contact NBS today to learn more about customizing a work from home purchasing platform for your organization.