July 28, 2016

Removing Barriers to High Performance Workspaces: Walls That Support Growth and Change

Organizations today work differently, move faster, adapt more quickly. So how can work environments keep pace? With demountable, or modular wall systems, a workplace can be more flexible.

Demountable walls can be reconfigured to expand, contract or rearrange a floor plan in ways that traditional framed walls cannot match in terms of both efficiency and cost. Yet demountable walls feel permanent because they’re anchored to a ceiling grid and floor. There’s no compromise to aesthetics or brand culture either. Classic or modern, there’s a wide range of coverings, privacy and acoustical features, and networking technology. Demountable walls can also be installed or removed quickly — in some cases, overnight or over a weekend — to create a new, more functional workspace with little or no disruption to business.

NBS Construction Solutions can offer insights into how demountable walls can add value and work within your environment. To learn more about the cost and design advantages of demountable walls, contact your NBS Representative today. You’ll also find more information on our website here.