September 3, 2021

Top 5 Trends for the New Workplace

As people continue to return to the office, they are eager to get their energy back and want control over where and how they work more than ever before. While regaining their momentum, they are also looking for new ways to collaborate with their team members, whether they are in the office or working remotely.

We’ve put together five trending solutions that can transform your workplace into the space of your dreams. These solutions support control in the workplace, boost hybrid collaboration, and will inspire your team to be refreshingly excited about coming into the office.

Trend #1: Outdoor Workspaces

People have always enjoyed going outside during the workday to eat lunch or to get a breath of fresh air. But lately, people have been wanting to utilize outdoor spaces in a more productive manner. By working outside, stress is reduced, creativity is boosted, and people are inspired all while being surrounded by nature. Why not use products like Extremis AMAi Tables and the EMU Terramere Series and take the office outside?

NBS Top Trends Extremis & EMU

Trend #2: Space Divisions

Space divisions are on the rise as people continue to seek privacy in the workplace, while still having the freedom that comes along with open spaces. Space divisions, like Steelcase’s Flex Active Frame and Coalesse’s Exponents Mobile Whiteboard, can help organizations adapt their workspaces in a flexible way so that their employees can work safely and productively, without needing to invest in permanent solutions.

Steelcase Flex Active Frame, Coalesse Exponents Mobile Whiteboard

Trend #3: High Back Lounge Chairs

Seating options that also serve as a barrier to surrounding distractions, such as ERG International’s Maxwell Lounge Chair and Orangebox’s Aspect Lounge Chair, are becoming more popular, giving people a sense of privacy and safety while sitting in any public space, especially lounge areas.

ERG International Maxwell Lounge Chair and Orangebox Aspect Lounge Chair

Trend #4: Interactive Collaboration Software

As people continue to work from locations outside of the office, keeping the team easily connected and engaged is becoming a top priority for many organizations. Interactive collaboration software, including the T1V and Microsoft Surface Hub, is the perfect solution for simplifying hybrid work models and transforming traditional meetings into captivating and exciting experiences for everyone involved. These unique tools allow in-person participants to directly interact with the screen by using their hands to zoom in and out, move content around, do a quick Google search, and write on the whiteboard feature, all in addition to integrated video conferencing.

NBS Top Trends Technology T1V and Microsoft Hub

Trend #5: Air Purification Systems

Last but certainly not least, air and surface purification systems, like the Puradigm and Guardiair, are becoming more common now that we’ve seen how powerful viruses can be. As organizations bring more people back into the office, safety will remain a priority, increasing the need for decontamination services. Not only do these systems help purify the air, but their visible presence gives people peace of mind as they come into the office.

Puradigm and Guardiair Air Purification Systems

NBS uses unique products like these when integrating architecture, furniture, and technology solutions to create spaces that best fit our clients’ needs. Contact us today or explore our My Resource Library binder for more trending products that can help improve your team’s workspace!