May 20, 2022

What People Want in the Workplace Today May Surprise You

Steelcase Global research uncovers what people value now and what has to change.

Some excerpts are taken from Steelcase’s Global Report: The New Era of Hybrid Work.

One thing we’ve learned from the onset of hybrid work is that it’s changed employees’ expectations for their workplace. Now more than ever, people want to feel a sense of belonging, be productive and have greater control over where and how they work.

New Steelcase global research reveals what is most important to people now and how the workplace needs to change to earn people’s commute. Steelcase explains, “Leveraging the workplace to help build relationships is, without a doubt, critical for creating a strong culture and helping people feel a much needed sense of belonging. But the office needs to do much more. People are spending more time than ever on video calls, which has radically changed the way work happens. It’s clear the technology platform is only part of the solution – people also need spaces designed to support this new way of working.”

Since the pandemic began in March 2020, Steelcase has conducted 12+ global studies, including over 57,000 employees and business leaders in 11 different countries, to better understand the impact it’s had on how and where people will prefer to work in the future.

Below are three key findings from Steelcase’s research about what people want, need and expect in the hybrid workplace today.


1 – The office plays a crucial role in how people relate to their organization. When people like working from their office, they are:

  • 33% more engaged
  • 30% more connected to culture
  • 9% more productive
  • 20% less likely to leave


2 – People are willing to trade remote workdays for their own workspace in the office. While they want the flexibility of hybrid work, people are also looking for choice and control and a sense of belonging.


3 – Access to private spaces is more important than ever. People want access to spaces where they can collaborate and focus.


To learn more about what will draw employees to the workplace, download the full Steelcase Global Report.

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