March 15, 2016

Why I Love Working in an Open Plan

“Collaboration”, “creativity”, and “connectivity” are words I never would have used to describe my work environment prior to joining NBS.  Moving from a job where I sat in my own 8×8 54” high panel cubicle to an open plan setting has opened my eyes to a new way of working.  To help this work environment be successful, NBS created office protocols to enhance the open plan experience for everyone working.

Our own NBS protocols are very similar to what Turnstone outlines in their article, “6 tips for making open offices work.”  There are several things to consider if you are thinking of embracing the open plan office.  Noise and interruptions can play a major role in the reason many are opposed to the open plan.  Offer a few quiet areas to retreat to if someone needs to make a phone call, focus on a project or have a private meeting.  Require meetings be held in a meeting space instead of at somebody’s desk. Install a sound masking system.  Moveable storage pieces and adjacent project tables can help replace the need for everyone to have their own large worksurface.

Above all, it comes down to being respectful of your neighbor and creating guidelines that all team members can understand and support.  As a result of working in an open plan, I find myself engaging more with my teammates. I also feel energized from the buzz created by those around me, and my workspace is being utilized to its full potential and not wasted!