NBS Blog: Healthcare

June 25, 2018

Healthcare Trends At NeoCon

It’s an exciting time in healthcare design. This year at NeoCon, we saw healthcare products trending towards versatile, cleanable, and modern design benefits. Here are some of the top trends in healthcare we saw at NeoCon 2018!

March 29, 2016

Design Environments that Boost Healing + Comfort

A well-designed and well-hosted environment including amenities, artwork, natural light and views of nature can elevate mood and improve wellbeing and emotional health. Research even shows that hospitals and healthcare spaces that cater to the emotional and physical comfort of patients and families boost satisfaction and increase traffic at these institutions.

November 19, 2015

Ensuring Patient Safety

A main priority for healthcare providers is of course patient safety. Hospitals are tasked with keeping patients well in addition to keeping them safe. Today, medical errors and hospital-acquired infections are a top cause of death. This responsibility includes safety from infection as well as from falling and getting hurt.