February 20, 2023

A Year of Sharing Our Talents & Celebrating Our Culture

While each NBS team member works for the same organization and may have similar roles, our range of personal experiences, journeys, skills and personalities help shape who we are as individuals and what we bring to the company. Our one-of-a-kind company culture is a direct result of the amazing people and the unique talents that they offer, making up one excellent team. Simply put, each of our team members contribute to “The NBS Experience” in various ways and that is exactly why we chose this to be our company theme for 2023.

At NBS, we truly recognize the importance of teamwork. We can’t rely on just one person or one division to get things done – it takes the expertise and perspectives of every single person to deliver the best results for our clients and meet our team’s business objectives. Our different backgrounds allow us to provide efficient and exceptional support and complete every step of the process for any given project. Throughout the year, we hope to broaden the understanding of each other’s roles and gain respect for the challenges each division may face.

Aside from the business-focused benefits of knowing how our teammates think and work, it is also important to know who they are outside of the office. How do they spend their time when they get home from work?  What are their talents and hobbies? What makes them unique? What are their interests and passions? What types of challenges or experiences have they been through? If we can better understand who our teammates are, both in the office and in their personal lives, we will be able to deepen our connections and trust, become even closer friends and teammates, and improve business outcomes.

While this theme will help us better connect personally and professionally, it will also give us the opportunity to incorporate parts of our history and traditions that make us who we are as a company. Throughout the year, we will emphasize our purpose and core values, while continuing to align our processes and principles with Disney’s Seven Keys to Success.

“As we keep growing and adding new team members, it is key to maintain the core attributes of our organization,” said Heather Lanier, NBS Chief Operating Officer & Principal. “The cultural elements that have helped shape the company and led to our success over the years are fundamentals that we want to reinforce to long-time team members and teach to new ones.”


Ways we hope to celebrate “The NBS Experience” theme in 2023:

  • Highlight our people, talents and culture through digital signage and social media
  • Incorporate these cultural aspects in our company meetings and internal communications
  • Reinforce our traditions and reflect on what makes us NBS
  • Find ways to connect people across our hobbies, talents and passions
  • Use our skills and abilities to better serve the community and local organizations throughout the year


We are excited to learn more about our teammates, discover what we have in common and what our differences are, get inspiration for new interests and hobbies, and ultimately celebrate how our uniqueness as individuals also works toward enhancing the overall NBS experience.