February 23, 2015

Color as a Workplace Strategy

An Easy Upgrade for an Aging Workspace

Which color do you think is most likely to stimulate imagination and brainstorming? Which ones are best at supporting detail-oriented thinking? Or which color is most likely to induce relaxation? Research has shown a room’s color can have a profound effect on its occupants. So not only is new paint a relatively cost-effective solution for fixing an aging office, purposeful color selection is a smart strategy to promote workplace engagement and productivity.

Contrary to what many people think, painting does not have to be an invasive experience. At NBS, we’re experts at working in occupied spaces without disrupting on-going operations, and utilize state-of-the-art equipment for safety and convenience. With an orderly plan, skillful project management and a professional crew, no firm is better at transforming occupied workspaces.

Spring is a great time for an office upgrade. For ideas about how paint can refresh your workspace, call your NBS representative today. You can learn more about the effects of color on the workplace, and get the answers to the questions above by downloading The Impact of Color from our website here.