October 29, 2015

Here’s Why Nature Means Business

Bringing the Outside In is a Powerful Boost for Productivity

When nature makes its way into the workplace, interesting things happen. According to Professor Sir Cary Cooper, an expert on workplace wellbeing, “Workspaces that incorporate nature allow for more effortless attention, are less mentally draining, and may restore our mental capacity.” If that sounds a bit abstract, then consider this: a new study shows that employees who work in spaces that feature naturalistic design elements are 6% more productive and 15% more creative!

So how does the natural environment make its way into workplace design? Natural light, views of nature or greenery, accent colors, and even certain floorcoverings can all simulate natural surroundings that contribute to a more productive workplace. Case in point: in our Troy showroom, we installed new plank carpet tiles from Interface’s Human Nature, Net Effect and Walk the Plank Collections. These types of floorcoverings have an intuitive, sophisticated appeal created by seemingly random design motifs that mimic the subtle patterns found in flowing water, the forest and elsewhere in the natural world.

To learn more about how nature-inspired design principles promote wellbeing and productivity, call your NBS representative today or explore the research paper, Human Spaces. You can also find floorcovering ideas and inspiration here on our website.