May 3, 2017

May is National Pet Month!

May is National Pet Month!

It’s a month long celebration of the benefits that pets bring to people’s lives – and vice versa. In the spirit of National Pet Month, here are some ways you can support pets in need and do more for your own pet.

Adopt: If you’re looking to add a pet to your family, please consider adopting through your local shelter or rescue. There are so many loving animals just waiting for you to take them home!

Foster: Not sure you have the time or resources to dedicate to adding a pet to your family permanently? You can foster a pet temporarily until the right forever home is found. It’s a wonderful way to give back, as well as an opportunity to see what having a pet is all about before you make the leap into pet ownership.

Donate: Even if you are unable to donate financially, donating your time, skills, or supplies are always needed at local animal shelters.

Volunteer: Volunteers are essential to helping shelters, rescues and other animal service groups, execute the hard work needed in running these organizations.

Wellness: Did you know that pets are a great way to reduce tension and stress? Petting, snuggling or just enjoying their presence can be a very calming experience. Our pets take care of us emotionally, lets not forget to take care of them! Ask yourself are they eating right, getting enough exercise, routine visits to the vet?

Train: Teach your pet a new command or trick. Maybe there is a bad habit you have been needing to break, now is the time! There are many tools and classes out there that can assist in training.

Play: Spring weather means more time to enjoy outside and what better way than with walks with your pet, playing fetch or just enjoying the sunshine!