October 30, 2019

More Ancillary Choices with Less Headache

New ways of working have driven demand for different kinds of spaces at work. With these spaces comes an exciting time for end users and designers to access so many different ancillary products, options and choices to create unique and welcoming areas that blur the edges of home and work.

The challenge is once you’ve loaded up that vision board and started contacting vendors, you realize it’s not as simple as it seems. For every new vendor supplier added to a project, complexity increases. Lead-times vary, order process and terms vary, order errors can have you waiting months for some items while others arrive all on the same day, with nowhere to store them.

Planning and specifying spaces should be inspiring and easy. The Steelcase family of brands and partners offer a broad portfolio of solutions for creating inviting and beautiful settings throughout your workplace. Utilizing one supplier, minimizes the risk of delays to your projects, saves time and money, without compromising your design choices. This simplifies the design specification process, streamlines ordering and product arrives all on one truck. How great is that?

To make it even easier to bring your vision to life, Steelcase launched the Marketplace. The user-friendly tool simplifies and streamlines the entire process by using one online portal to access thousands of products, and enables collaboration between NBS, client and designer. It makes the whole process faster, easier and more reliable — saving time and money.

3,000+ products
1 delivery
50+ brands

99% of orders shipped on time

Saves Money
fewer hours + less complexity + reduced freight

A streamlined solution from Steelcase + NBS = more ancillary choices and less headache.

Contact us to get your own personal login to Steelcase Marketplace and start exploring for your next project! Or work shoulder to shoulder with us to bring your vision to life!


Written by Megan Robinson, Marketing Team Leader