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December 19, 2017

NBS Pets 2017 Comes to a Close

A Round of Appaws for NBS Pets 2017!

This year we dedicated time, resources and love to the animals in our lives and community. NBS Pets shared the love people have for their own pets and animals in need. Many of our team members participated in the year long celebration by bringing their pet to work, donating supplies, money or their time to animal organizations. Team members also sent in photos of their pets that were shared on social media and on our digital signage across all NBS showrooms.

Our successful Fur + Furniture 2018 calendar connected us in a more personal way to our A&D community. We shared our love of pets with them and they shared theirs back! NBS Pets may be coming to a close, but many of the initiatives we started this year we plan to continue into the future, including bring your dog to work, NBS Fur + Furniture Calendar, and supporting animal organizations in our local communities.

17 Team member dog visitors across our 5 showrooms
10 Animal organizations supported through volunteer efforts & donations
$1,200 Raised for Michigan Humane Society
350 Fur + Furniture Calendars printed