October 30, 2019

NBS Showroom Renovation: The Big Reveal!

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our Troy headquarters renovation for 2019. Walking through the front doors the space takes on a whole new life – color, texture, architectural elements and a variety of worksettings greet you.

The expansion and renovation began earlier this year to support our growing team and consolidation of our Clawson office. Read about our first 90 days here. Expanding into our warehouse we gained 4,000 square feet to accommodate more worksettings that our team members craved – spaces to collaborate, focus, work and learn. In addition, the existing showroom got a major refresh with new furnishings, architectural elements, graphics and audiovisual systems.

Our NBS divisions came together to do what we do best – creating engaging and inspiring workspaces without disrupting day-to-day business. Through thoughtful planning and skilled execution our vision came to life – a space that reflects our culture, supports our team and showcases the integration of architecture, furniture and technology that NBS is known for!

We used a variety of tools to stay connected throughout the renovation process. Our project management software, Procore, allowed our Construction and Project Management Teams to manage the numerous details that come with a complex project with many moving parts! The tracking of phases, approvals and progress, and the sharing of documentation between divisions. Frequent email communication went out to employees to keep them up to date on the status of work along with photos and floorplans to help visualize what was happening when and where.

Do you want to tackle a workplace renovation but don’t want to disrupt business? NBS is an expert at working in the occupied environment. We can help bring your vision to life with the right communication tools, processes and equipment to meet your needs and keep business running as usual. Contact us today to learn more.

We would love for you to experience our new space! Schedule a visit today to learn more about who we are and what we do at


Written by Megan Robinson, Marketing Team Leader