May 23, 2019

Troy Showroom Renovation: 90 Day Progress

Work on our showroom expansion began in February—and at ninety days into the project, we are wrapping up the second phase of our renovation. This included a 4,000 sq. ft. buildout into our existing warehouse by our own NBS Construction Team.


Over the last few months, they have been working diligently demolishing walls, adding windows, constructing new walls, installing ceilings, and painting. The expansion includes the installation of new floorcovering, architectural wall products, audiovisual components and sound masking at the west end of our facility. They are magically transforming our former warehouse rack space into what will be a series of new collaborative spaces, focus areas and our new Design Studio. During this construction, our Furniture Installation Team has been busy completing the first two of six furniture moves to reshape the rest of the working showroom.

We are “walking the talk” and doing a terrific job of maintaining a safe, clean and organized workplace in our occupied environment. Using a variety of tools to contain the construction site, we have been mindful of limiting access to active areas (and curious on-lookers) by including different levels of screening. The hands down favorite is a fully branded, 75-foot temporary wall, complete with a built-in window to watch progress as our new space is taking shape! This attention to detail has been instrumental in allowing our team members to still work effectively and allow our clients to tour our space safely, while enjoying the full NBS experience during construction.

Our project management software, Procore, is allowing our Construction and Project Management Teams to manage all of the many details that come with a complex project with many moving parts! The tracking of phases, approvals and progress, and the sharing of documentation between our Construction, Furniture, A/V and Cleaning divisions keeps any guess work out of the equation.

Digital signage and weekly emails are being used to communicate internally to our team members about what is happening on the project, including construction progress, timing and instructions for those who might be affected by an upcoming move.

We are set for our next phases to begin at the end of this month. This will include custom architectural details, graphic imaging, A/V enhancements, a new classroom experience and a series of new worksetting applications that will update the majority of our current open office area.

We are looking forward to wrapping up the final phase, during the summer months, which will include a fully remodeled WorkCafe & Lounge, the relocation of our Design Studio and the refresh of our restrooms. Final touches with artwork, plantscape and accessories by our Creative Team will be the icing on the cake!