February 13, 2017

NBS Unleashes our 2017 Pet Campaign!

After a long day at work, a pet is always there to greet you. They are our loyal companions, stress relievers and entertainers. This year we are dedicating time, resources and love to the animals in our lives and community.

To kick things off, we are celebrating National “Love your Pet” day this Monday, February 20th. It’s a day to show some extra appreciation towards your pet, maybe it’s with a treat, hug or longer pets! In addition to celebrating our own pets, we will be collecting donation items for local Humane Society shelters across our five locations.

Our pets bring an abundance of joy to our lives. This year we will be reciprocating that joy by giving back and showing love not only to our animals, but to those animals in need.

Our Year-Long Celebration Includes:

  • Special pet themed events
  • NBS pets shared on social media
  • Animal-focused community service work and donations
  • NBS bring your pet to work day