June 24, 2015

News from NeoCon: How to Be More Focused and Productive

New Steelcase Products Push Technology’s Boundaries

What if you had more control over privacy, access to power or managing disruptions in your workspace? At NeoCon 2015, Steelcase introduced some visionary new products that address these workplace issues. In the process, they won numerous awards at this annual commercial interiors showcase.

The Brody™ WorkLounge grabbed attention — and the gold at the Best of NeoCon awards! The Brody creates a microenvironment designed to be good for an individual’s body and brain. A privacy screen eliminates visual distractions to improve focus. LiveLumbar™ technology provides comfort and ergonomic support in a lounge posture. An adjustable worksurface positions your work or devices right where you want them. Other intelligent features include power outlets and task lighting.

Another winner was Thread™ — an ultra thin power distribution system that solves a growing problem: finding power for the portable devices you use in the places you like to work. At a mere 3/16” thin, Thread can route virtually anywhere underneath carpet without disrupting foot traffic or office aesthetics. Now space that was previously underutilized for lack of power is more valuable and productive.

The new Brody WorkLounge will be available this fall. For a complete update on the innovative ideas shown at NeoCon, contact your NBS Specialist today. You can also experience Steelcase’s innovative products firsthand by visiting our showrooms. Additional information can be found at