May 20, 2021

Notify Everyone, Everywhere with Cloud-Based Digital Signage

If you’re still using static, looping digital signage, you’re missing opportunities to engage, educate and inspire your audience. Cloud-based digital signage lets you take control of your displays with simple centralized scheduling—and even customize your message for different audiences and devices. With today’s mobile and distributed workforce, smart digital signage keeps everyone connected.

What Is Cloud-Based Digital Signage?

Digital displays are a popular form of signage for retail, higher education, healthcare environments, call centers and large corporate offices. Traditionally, these displays have been static: you load an image or a looping PowerPoint presentation onto the digital sign, and it continues to display that image or loop until someone comes along and changes it.

Cloud-based digital signage is a game-changer. Instead of manually loading software, images or presentations onto each display, you can push messages out to all of your displays from a centralized dashboard. Content can be a mix of images, text, video and interactive content. You can choose to send the same message to multiple devices or customize the message for each device.

Smart cloud-based signage also opens up new possibilities for personalization and broadens the definition of digital displays. In addition to public signage (such as a building lobby display or digital directory), communications managers can now also push their message to smartphones, tablets, desktops and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This allows companies to keep all employees in the loop, wherever they are. Smart digital signage:

  • Saves time and effort for the communications team.
  • Enables greater consistency in messaging across the organization.
  • Drives audience engagement through personalization and interactivity.
  • Provides metrics on audience engagement and content performance to drive improvement.
  • Allows for constant contact with your targeted audience.


How Companies Are Using Cloud-Based Digital Signage

Cloud-based digital signage offers significant advantages compared to traditional static digital displays.

  • It supports more engaging content, such as video, data visualizations and more. Depending on the device it is viewed on, smart displays can even be interactive, allowing the audience to answer a poll or select options for more personalized content.
  • It allows communication managers to publish information once and push it out to all of the devices where they want the message displayed. Messages can also be sent over email at the same time.
  • Messages can be sent to any networked screen or device, including lobby displays, meeting room displays, laptops and desktops, smartphones and tablets, and other IoT devices.
  • Messages can be personalized for different audiences or groups. For example, you may want to push different messages based on location, role or department.
  • Managers can set notifications, automate delivery and track the performance of their messages.

Smart display systems allow organizations to deliver a consistent message across the enterprise, no matter where people are located or what device they are engaging with. This is a particular benefit for large companies with multiple locations and a scattered workforce including remote workers. Simple to create and quick to distribute, digital signage keeps employees informed and connected to company culture.

We see cloud-based digital signage being used in a variety of ways across retail, call centers, healthcare facilities and large corporations of all types. For example:

  • Create interactive lobby displays or directories for employees or visitors.
  • Deliver training videos and company news to employees anywhere in the world.
  • Collect information through surveys and polls.
  • Provide fast, easy access to company data, systems and resources.

Workers today are on the move. Get your messages seen and promote connection to your business no matter where work happens with smart digital signage. To learn more, visit our website or contact our Audiovisual Solutions team.