February 24, 2016

Watch What Happens When Meetings Go Wireless

The Rules of Engagement are Changing

It’s an obsolete model for meetings: He who controls the video cable, controls the flow of ideas. That’s because traditional video displays prevent the active participation of all those in attendance. What if your display allowed for a seamless collaboration from everyone present? Now meetings are transformed from a one-sided conversation with one presenter, into multi-source collaborative environments. Engagement ramps up. Ideas multiply. Meetings are more successful. That’s what wireless display technology can do.

In the Conference Room, Classroom or Huddle Space

Glenn Greenway, NBS AV Systems Design Engineer, points out a feature users love: “Wireless solutions eliminate the need to have multiple cables for different connectors.” The new wireless technologies allow multiple users to stream data, video, pictures — virtually any content they’re carrying around on a multitude of mobile devices — without requiring traditional video cables. Organizations can boost their innovation potential and gain competitive advantages. Classroom instructors can present information, while at the same time encourage active participation from students who can display their own ideas. Greenway notes an added bonus. “In most cases, going wireless costs less than going with a wired solution.” So there’s a new presentation model emerging. Cutting the cables can spark collaboration and kickstart creative thinking.

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