October 14, 2016

Welcome to the NBS Block Party!

Don’t you love a neighborhood block party? It’s a time when your community can come together to connect and socialize. We have taken this concept and turned it into our own weekly gathering! Our Troy team members are actually organized into “neighborhoods” depending on the market they support. With busy schedules and workloads, we thought these hour parties would be a nice opportunity for us to come together, take a break from our day and enjoy a tasty treat!

Our first NBS Block Party kicked off last Thursday with an Oktoberfest. With the help of our Traditions Team and Marketing Team, we brought in soft hot pretzels and an array of Oktoberfest beer. It was a welcome sight to see so many people breaking from their desk to sit in the café and enjoy a snack and drink with their peers. This week our Block Party embraced the cooling weather and fall favorites. The team enjoyed fresh donuts and hot cider from a local cider mill. What’s a party without decorations? Each week the café gets festively decorated with pumpkins and burlap. During each Block Party we also have a drawing for those who attended to be entered to win NBS merchandise!

Our regional locations also come together periodically to socialize and enjoy a fun treat. These locations tend to be more connected to each other as they are smaller in size. We look forward to picking up ideas from them for future Troy Block Parties!

As we continue to grow as a company, it becomes even more important to stay connected to each other and foster our culture. So far the NBS Block Parties have proven to be a success and we look forward to continuing the tradition into next year!