April 22, 2015

Who Needs a “Lunchroom” Anymore?

How to get more from the space you already have.

The disconnect between where and how people work today, and the traditional lunchroom, makes you wonder if a dedicated space just for eating still makes sense. Think about it. Most lunchrooms sit idle much of the day because they don’t function as workspaces. At the same time, the popularity of “third places”, where people can simultaneously eat, work and socialize, is soaring. Given the premium placed on innovation as a competitive advantage, creating places and opportunities for colleagues to collaborate are essential. So what if your break room offered the comfortable ambiance of an off-site coffee shop where people can meet, work or recharge, with the functional attributes to do great work? Enter the WorkCafe, a far more practical, engaging and valuable space without having to leave the office.

The WorkCafe is a rewarding mix of spaces — part virtual office, part lunchroom, part living room – with broad appeal. However, to reach its full potential, the WorkCafe requires thoughtful design with flexible seating, and access to power and technology, especially since mobile devices now outnumber PCs for access to the Internet.

For ideas on how to create a productive WorkCafe, check out the resources on our website here. Or for more information, contact your NBS representative today.