August 28, 2017

Workplace Destination: The WorkCafé

Mobile technology has turned the local coffee shop into the new office. At NBS, we can help you reinvent your traditional cafeteria space and turn it into a destination café for connection and collaboration. We have worked with many organizations to convert this overlooked real estate into a space that is leveraged throughout the entire day, not just the lunch hour.

A WorkCafé is a dynamic space that connects people with colleagues, their work, and their organization. Creating a comfortable gathering space in your office, with access to good food and coffee, encourages team members to spend more time in the office. Offering an engaging café space is also a new way to attract and retain top talent. People no longer need to leave the office to enjoy that coffee shop experience. Instead, they can take their laptops or mobile devices and work in a relaxing environment, giving them a change of perspective from working at their desk. This real estate can do more than just support eating and drinking, it can be utilized for events, group presentations and meetings. A café space is the heart and center of the office, bringing people together as a community to socialize and network. When considering an office refresh, focus on a café space first, a place that everyone in the building can share in!

All of our NBS showrooms include great examples of a WorkCafé and we are often asked to create similar spaces for our clients. A place to meet, work, eat and re-energize. These spaces incorporate a range of settings from lounge furniture to bar stools and offers power to support mobile technology.

To visit one of our showrooms, or to learn more about creating a WorkCafé in your own space, contact your NBS representative today.