July 29, 2015

Workplace Walls Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter

So what, exactly, is an intelligent wall?

Walls are typically meant to divide and separate, but what if they could also bring people together? Enhance communication? Support the way you work today, and be flexible enough to support the way you’ll work tomorrow? They can with V.I.A. — Vertical Intelligent Architecture — a modular solution from Steelcase that is redefining what the vertical planes in your workplace can do.

Intelligent engineering.
V.I.A. is an innovative system that combines tremendous flexibility with a sense of stability and permanence. A rigid steel framework provides exceptional structural support. Modular glass and solid skins offer unlimited design possibilities. Unlike fixed drywall construction, V.I.A. can be moved or reconfigured as your needs change. Plus, their engineered seals provide excellent audio privacy. Now collaborative spaces can adjoin private offices without noisy distractions. V.I.A. not only integrates power, but also embeds lighting and monitors within the walls. Whether you work in teams or need some privacy, V.I.A. can create harder working spaces.

See it in person. See it online.
V.I.A. workspaces are now in our updated Troy showroom and showcase our fully integrated services including interior construction, furnishings and AV technology. You can also watch how our V.I.A. workspace was created in this time-lapse video. To learn more about V.I.A., click here or call your NBS representative today.